Need a break

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Hey! It's Friday Yayy
I'm excited for the weekend because this week was exhausting and well it's the weekend. Right now, I could use a getaway, a nice road trip somewhere new to me. If I could I'd take out today and only come back on Monday, need a break ASAP!! Gladly there's a holiday coming soon.
Living with friends is fun but sometimes it can also be very annoying. I mean each one of us has their own ways and it's used to different things. So sometimes something someone else considers totally harmless is a big pet peeve for me and the only way to solving the crisis is talking which can be hard depending on the level of the persons tolerance to criticism.
This week I needed to complain about some stuff that is gong on here but I don't know how to do so without sounding superior or something, cuz not the idea I'm trying to send. So for now I kept it to myself but if the mess and carelessness keeps up I'm afraid I might explode on some of them... Any advice on how dealing with disorganized and kinda dirty roommates? Help, please!

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