Fight the mean reds

Stylish clothes make me happy

Being with friends create happy memories
Road trips are lovely
Little kids and puppies make me smile
All images via Pinterest

Hello lovelies! Every now and then I get the mean reds (**Breakfast at Tiffany's** reference, if you don't get it you should watch it and come back - seriously worth it) and all I feel like doing is curling up in a ball and crying.
If I have no one to talk to during this crisis I will basically drown in sorrow for a while until it goes away. But when I do talk to somebody (basically cry and sob while they hold me) I feel better instantly, even though I hate for people to watch me cry... I'm just weird like that.
So I thought I'd put together some inspirational happy images to help me be joyful today, after having a crappy night with a lovely being to listen to me and cheer me up.

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