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 Hello lovelies! So I was thinking, my room at my parent's house is really boring at the moment because I only lived here for like a few months but when I come here it doesn't feel like my space because there's nothing with personality it it. Because I still come here every two weeks and spend most of my vacations here I thought I should do something about it. I did some research for inspiration and also decided I don't wanna spend much money in it. 

So here's my the coolest, easiest ways I found to change it up:

-Add one statement piece such as a cool chandelier;

-Throw some light fabric over the bed to create a romantic feel also string lights are really awesome, they give the environment a magic vibe;

-I already have a dream catcher (that I love), the idea of putting it in the middle of the princess thingy is original I like and a clothes rack is a nice way to expose your best pieces as well as decorating  your bedroom;

-Finally, having a wall to put up inspirational quotes and images like a moodboard is amazing so you can get inspired just looking at it, having your books against it is a nice touch.

Would you care to share how your room reflects your personality and taste? What's the best thing about it?

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