We all need some me time

 All images via Pinterest

Alright so it's Monday again... I know, it kinda sucks that we all actually have to get up and deal with everyday stuff today. But that's no reason for our day not to turn out amazing! Just save a few minutes a day for yourself, do something that you enjoy doing, may it be dancing in front of a mirror, putting on a show under the shower, meditating a little, whatever just get in contact with yourself and don't get lost in your daily routine. Cause the moment we stop doing what we love is when we start loosing ourselves. Just don't let that happen! I know I wont.
We are all light beings and if we don't take care of our inner light it might fade and that's something that definitely shouldn't happen. Nurture your uniqueness because it is wonderful. Spiritual retreat anyone? I'd love to spend a few weeks somewhere I could just explore myself with no foreign interferences, that's exactly what these pictures represent for me.
Oh yeah particularly I like to draw while listening to music, in case you were wondering haha what do you do?

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