Can't handle summer anymore

Alice Dellal rocking at the beach, image from unknown source

Honestly I'd trade living in a tropical country for a colder place in a heart beat. A few nights ago I woke up at freaking 6am because it was way too hot to stay in bed and we don't have AC in our poor students apartment. It sucks that many times, when I go out in shorts and a tank top I still sweat like crazy, gross I know. I have to worry if my make up will melt and run down my face or that if this or that place doesn't have AC or at least a vent I might pass out while I'm there. Really, 40ÂșC on a daily basis for the past month (with expectations to stay like this for a good while) is just not human. So yeah snow is not such a bad idea after all. It's pretty and yeah sure it gets old but at least it won't make you sick or gross and sweaty.

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